​Finder's Keepers Body Piercing began in 1997 as a small piercing shop in Virginia Beach. Body piercing was a new industry in the United States and had not yet come to mainstream America, but was just starting to develop into the body art industry we know today. 

Kimberly Rowan, the Founder, Owner, & Senior Piercer of Finder' s Keepers Body Piercing for the past 2o+ years has been a pioneer in the Body Piercing industry.  When the studio first opened its doors, there was no training or apprenticeship to teach piercing.  The industry was so new that there were no resources to contact nor to find someone who knew how to do body piercing.  It just wasn't an industry that was established - especially in Hampton Roads.  Thus, Kimberly began developing piercing techniques over the years by piercing thousands of people.  These techniques have been taught to many young apprentices since.  As new piercing tools became available and new piercings were invented, she created new techniques, made improvements, and tracked the results as clients came back with their piercings. Kimberly has been to training with the Association of Professional Piercers several times over the years. As Senior Piercer, she is licensed through the State of Virginia to train Apprentices in body piercing.

In the formative years of Finder' s Keepers Body Piercing, the one and only resource to piercing knowledge was conversations with body jewelry suppliers.  They shared what they knew from others ordering jewelry. Body Jewelry was very simple and basic, limited to steel barbells, captive bead rings, labrets and curved barbells.  Jewelry was not mass produced, but rather hand made in mom and pop shops and in basements with very simple machinery.  It was difficult to find suppliers, and prices were very high. 

 Piercing started to take off and became very popular within mainstream America.  The studio became very busy with clients wanting more choices in jewelry and coming in with new piercing ideas.  At this time, Kimberly reinvested all her profits from the studio to grow with the body jewelry explosion.  Jewelry began being mass produced in China, Korea, Thailand, and in the US.  The average demographic became young girls coming in to get their navels and nostrils pierced.  As more unique, fun pieces of jewelry were available in the market, the more acceptable piercings became in the work place and among the general public.   Finder's Keepers expanded the jewelry line to having one of the largest selections of body jewelry on the East Coast and became Hampton Roads Body Piercing Specialist.   


Aftercare at Finder's Keepers became a large part of our business.  We tried several different aftercare products over the years.  As there was no training or definitive answer as to what really worked, Kimberly studied wound care and investigated a variety of products.  It is not by fad that the products we stock are professional hospital grade aftercare.  We have done extensive research and trialed our aftercare products because we want to give you the best in aftercare to make your piercing successful.     


Kimberly's son, Jordan Summers, began working in the studio in 1999 as a young boy sweeping the floors and doing odds and ends jobs.  Jordan has grown up in the body art industry. His relative education is an emergency medical technician certificate along with training through the Association of Professional Piercers.  He has trained under Jessica Starling, who began her training under Senior Piercer Kimberly in the early 2000's.  Jordan has earned his title as Senior Piercer over the years with his dedication to advancing in the industry and his many years of experience.  He is the general manager of both studios.  Jordan is our most popular piercer amongst our clients because of his friendly personality and his genuine love of the body piercing industry.   

Finder's Keepers currently has two locations.

One located at Janaf in Norfolk and one located in Greenbrier in Chesapeake. It is our pleasure to give you the best selection of body jewelry, highly skilled and trained professional piercers and the best customer service in Hampton Roads!