Meet the Staff

KIMBERLY ROWAN / Founder & Senior Piercer

Finder's Keepers is a woman owned and operated studio. Kimberly Rowan is known as a pioneer in the piercing industry.

She started her career as a studio owner and piercer in 1997 in Hampton Roads at a time when to be a piercer you had to invent your own technique and create your own way, since there was no training because it was a brand new industry.  Very little was known about piercing and jewelry at this time.  Information  was shared through small mom and pop shops that were producing what we now call basic steel body jewelry out of their basements. Kimberly studied wound care and jewelry metals, as well as she worked hands on with clients to help with problematic piercings to develop techniques and skills as a piercer in the formative years.  She then taught others to pierce and has been apprenticing piercers for the past 21 years.  She still maintains some of her first clients in Hampton Roads. As the industry grew and the jewelry market exploded in the early 2000's Finder's Keepers kept pace with the new jewelry and is well known for one of the largest selections of body jewelry on the East Coast. 

Born in Detroit Michigan and raised in North Western Michigan, she graduated from Traverse City High School in 1984. Kimberly left Michigan thereafter and went on to explore many places across the United States - finally claiming Hampton Roads as home. Expressing her passion for music & Liberal Arts, she studied in California at Cuyamaca College in El Cajon & Grossmont College in La Mesa California. She also attended the University of Minnesota for a short time.  

Among her many talents and hobbies, she really enjoys cooking, canning, sewing, bike riding, traveling, and swimming, and doing home projects along with painting unique furniture. She has a great love for her husband,

3 kids, 4 grandkids and pups!

Kimberly has been piercing for over 21 years and is the original founder and owner of Hampton Roads Body Piercing Specialist, Finder's Keepers Body Piercing. She continues to work as Senior Piercer in both the Janaf store in Norfolk and the new Chesapeake location at Greenbrier.  

JORDAN SUMMERS / General Manager & Senior Piercer

Jordan has been part of our family at Finders Keepers since day one, & has been piercing since 2006. Jordan's career began at Finder's Keepers at 10 years of age doing small jobs around the shop after school. By the age of 14, he was working part time selling jewelry on the front counters. Born in Michigan- he was raised in Norfolk Virginia, where he attended High School, following Tidewater Community College where he obtained his Emergency Medical Technician certificate. Currently he manages both the Janaf/Norfolk location and the Greenbrier/ Chesapeake location as a Senior Piercer. Some of his hobbies include Muay Thai, working out, gaming, and hanging out with friends. Jordan's first piercing was his tongue at 14 years old. Growing up in the piercing industry, he has seen a lot of new piercings develop over the years. His favorite piercing today is the Vertical Industrial because he loves the way it fits & looks in the ear. What Jordan admires most about being a part of Finders Keepers is being able to identify and build relationships with customers daily. Jordan's piercing expertise and experience have established him as a well known piercer in Hampton Roads. You can find Jordan between our Chesapeake and Janaf locations.


Shannon Hallett is the girl who everyone knows as the pin up girl who pierces over at Finder’s Keepers. She has been piercing for over 3 years now, apprenticed under Senior Piercer, Jessica Starling (trained at Finder's Keepers). She has been at Finder’s Keepers since October 2013. Born in Maine to a Navy family, she has lived a few places around the world and across the United States. Finally calling Virginia home, she graduated from Great Bridge High School in Chesapeake. Following that, she studied Art at Tidewater Community College for 3 years and is currently licensed as a cosmetologist and has been licensed as a cosmetology instructor as well for the past 8 years. Some of her hobbies include painting, making hair accessories, and Pin-up modeling. Starting off with basic ear piercings, her favorite piercing that she has right now is her Conch, but she has yet to decide her favorite piercing that she does in the shop. She believes that each person comes in wanting a specific piercing and ends up leaving with one customized to fit their anatomy, so each piercing is different and unique, making it hard to choose! You can find her at our Greenbrier / Chesapeake studio.  


Hayley grew up in Western Branch where she attended Middle School and High School. Her interest in piercings began at a young age, connecting with the freedom and individuality the industry represents.

She loves getting to know her clients at Finder's Keepers Body Piercing and strives to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Her favorite piercings to do are Septums and Ear Piercings (especially the Industrial). 

She is multi-talented, playing a variety of instruments including the saxophone, flute, piano and violin! In her spare time she paints, draws and enjoys the culinary arts. You can find Hayley between both studios, come on in and say hi!


Dak graduated from Deep Creek High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. At the age of 16 he was already a sponsored skateboarder in the local skating scene until the Piercing Industry sparked his interest.

What started out as a rebellious hobby has since evolved into a blossoming career with Dak currently apprenticing under the guidance of our Senior Piercer Jordan. He loves getting creative with custom jewelry, making beautiful pieces to match each customer's unique style and personality. He is known for giving consistently excellent customer service, and making it a priority to ensure customers have a great experience at Finder's Keepers Body Piercing. His favorite pieces of body jewelry at the moment are custom bent Industrial barbells. 

In his personal time, Dak likes to keep himself busy with martial arts, working out and auto mechanics. You can find him going back and forth between both our Janaf and Greenbrier locations, so don't worry, there's enough Dak to go around! 

Follow him on Instagram: @dc_piercings